Worked extremely well...

Worked extremely well with my recent Pulled Pork attempt in my new pressure cooker. That being said, if you start to use a pressure cooker for your pulled pork, these wouldn't be required anymore either as it just falls apart.

Five Stars

Works great for pulling the pork after it is smoked

Love the Meatrake!

I am an avid BBQ'er and have yet to find a tool as handy or as useful as the Meatrake. One tool to handle the meat, load the meat on the smoker, remove the meat (without any danger of losing one on the ground), and shredding the meat. These things are great! Very sharp though, so be careful!


The meatrake works great! If you have ever used two forks trying to pull meat, then you will truly appreciate this item.

BBQ Meatrakes

We own a small catering business and specialize in pork bbq. These are the BOMB for shredding boston butts or even chicken. We had previously used two regular forks and also "bear claws" and there is no comparison - these really work.  

Professional Quality Meat Pulling Tines

The MeatRake is well made, and the set of two make a fantastic meat pulling & shredding tool. It is made in the USA. The pictures here make them look smaller, and I was pleasantly surprised by their size (overall length: 8-1/4"; tine length: 1-1/2"). The demonstration video at MeatRake's website gives a better sense of size. Otherwise, the information in Product Description addresses everything else you might need to know.


I can't figure out why anyone would even consider the nylon/plastic/whatever material pulling devices. Other reviews state that those can melt, break, and are hard to handle. These are easy to hold, the handle is about 7 inches long. The prongs are very sturdy and measure a speck over 1.5 inches long and about 1/8th inch thick. They appear to be very securely embedded in the head of the hadle. Not wimpy prongs that can bend! The ends are extremely sharp. The covers are rigid plastic (?) and not a thin flexible covering as they appear to be in the photo. By the looks of these, I can't see how they would ever break or wear out. . I was a little afraid to spend so much more for these, but again, you get what you pay for. These are well worth the price. My only question is what kind of surface should I put the meat on to shred it? Wood and plastic cutting boards would get shredded along with the meat if you press down too hard as you shred. Foil roasting pans are not right either. I haven't tried glass yet, or granite, and I wouldn't want to scratch any stainless steel pans. In the mean time, I use one of those flexible cutting boards and go slowly and carefully and don't press down too hard. UPDATE: I found a great ceramic lasagna pan HIC 13" x 9" x 2.5" Lasagna Pan, White that works with these forks, and no fears about scratching the surface.

So easy! So Fun!!

I love my meat rakes!!! They were given to me as a gift and now I can't stop giving them as gifts myself. I even put together the ultimate BBQ gift basket for a charity auction including these. It was a very active item!! Use it with my chicken, pork and beef.

Works Great

I have shredded pork, chicken and beef with no problems. Some people complain that the tines get plugged up. They do, but a quick flick with the opposing fork removes any clinging meat. It's more technique than anything. Great quality, well made, easy to clean, works perfectly. What more can I say?  

Love the Meatrake!

My fiancée and I just received our Meatrakes last week and we're already loving them! Sarah used it to shred chicken for a tortilla soup she made and the Meatrake was very helpful in tearing the meat. Normally, it takes a long time shred the chicken, and we haven't found a tool that does a very good job...until now. We've started buying them for all of our friends as wedding gifts, so soon everyone will be shredding along with us. They seem very durable and well made, so we're looking forward to keeping ours for a long time!

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